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Medical Director
The Anti-Aging & Vitality Center of Cleveland
Chief Medical Officer, AV

Michelle M. Fischer, MD
Medical Director
The Anti-Aging & Vitality Center of Atlanta

Our physicians – All Anti-Aging and Vitality Center physicians are medical doctors (MDs, DO’s) who are licensed to practice medicine in their respective states. Each one has undergone serious additional training to learn the practice of anti-aging medicine. Their knowledge of the aging process, experience and ongoing training assures you the most current proven treatments in the field of anti-aging.

Our staff – Our staff of clinical and managerial personnel are well screened and selected for their high degree of professionalism, skills, and ability to meet your personal health needs and help you in the aging process.

Our facilities – Our centers are located in major metro areas near major highways for your convenience. Our facilities are warm, comfortable and relaxing. They are designed for your comfort and ease of access. Call us today at 1-800-599-7820 to schedule your first appointment.

Determine where you are in the aging process. Anti-Aging & Vitality Centers can assist you in slowing, stopping and even reversing many of the negative effects of aging and truly regain your Health from the Inside Outsm.

Anti-Aging Survey

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